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frailty & falls prevention

An interactive and engaging course covering the relevant and ever-growing topic of frailty and fall prevention.

The demand for frailty education in this ageing population is paramount to providing the best care practice.

The course covers the following:

  • frailty and falls, 
  • the causes and associated issues, 
  • interventions in frailty care, 
  • evidence-based practice for frailty and falls. 

We will look at clinical assessment tools and practice case studies. A practical section will focus on exercises for fall prevention. This course is interactive, with discussion, reflection and assessment throughout. This course is run by clinical professionals in nursing or physiotherapy. 

pressure area prevention & management

This course covers:

  • identifying individuals and areas at risk of pressure damage
  • contributing factors and comorbidities associated with pressure area risk
  • the anatomy and function of healthy skin. 

We will look at assessment tools and case studies and discuss treatment options for pressure area management. It’s an interactive and discussion-based course.

 Clinical professionals run this course.

Autism Awareness Workshop Jersey
Continence & Catheter Care

This workshop will equip carers with best-practice guidance and skills to ensure you feel confident and safe to manage catheters.

You will cover the following:

  • Causes of urinary and faecal incontinence
  • Wellbeing and lifestyle tips for marinating and supporting continence
  • Anatomy review of the urinary system
  • Understand when and why catheters are used and how they are placed.
  • Look at different types of catheters and why these may be used
  • Explain the importance of infection control
  • Understand and demonstrate safe catheter care
  • Anatomy of the bowel
  • Understand bowel surgery and stoma formation
  • Reasons for stoma
  • Managing and providing care for a stoma safely

This course covers:

  • why oral care is important
  • what are the risks and outcomes of poor oral care
  • current health principles that promote oral care

We will use assessment tools and case studies alongside interactive and reflective practice. Will will look into the subject of managing resistance to oral care. A practical component will cover how to perform oral care and how we can use this in our work environment.


Run by nursing professionals, this workshop is for any care staff wishing to increase their knowledge and skill to improve person-centred dementia care. If you want to become a dementia champion, this unique face-to-face workshop is for you.

Excellent CPD for your portfolio.


This two-hour course is essential for anyone working with clients who experience mental health issues. The day covers:

  • Understand mental ill health
  • Understand the context of mental health and wellbeing
  • Understand the issues and consequences of mental health conditions
  • Understand the promotion of mental health and wellbeing
  • Understand working in mental health
Autism Awareness Workshop Jersey
introduction to autism

A workshop for support staff to develop a deeper understanding of the autism spectrum, the key characteristics of autism, and how to support communication.

This is an interactive workshop that involves discussion and scenario-based learning. All students leave with a workbook and certificate of completion.



SPELL stands for Structure, Positive approaches and expectations, Empathy, Low arousal, and Links. This course looks at each framework element, with practical examples illustrating each component.

These five principles have been identified as vital elements of best practice in autism and emphasise ways to change the environment and our approaches, to meet the specific needs of autistic children and adults.

This course is ideal for anyone working with autistic children or adults looking to develop their understanding of best practices in supporting autistic people using the SPELL approach.

A prior understanding of autism is required for this course.

SPELL 1 – Understanding people on the autism spectrum
This day will focus on understanding autism and how it affects people with autism and their families.

SPELL 2 – Supporting people on the autism spectrum
This day will provide detailed information on how to use the SPELL framework.

Autism Awareness Workshop Jersey
An essential workshop for anyone working with people with a learning disability and for those with interest.
We discuss what a learning disability is and how these may present.
We talk about how we assess people with learning disabilities and strategies we can use to ensure consistent and inclusive care and support.

Makaton is a unique language programme that uses symbols, signs, and speech to enable people to communicate. It supports the development of essential communication skills such as attention and listening, comprehension, memory, recall, and organisation of language and expression.

This course is bookable on request. Please contact us to chat through your requirements.

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