Palliative and End of Life Care




This course has been designed to ensure that you possess a theoretical knowledge and practical skills in supporting people facing the end of their lives, and will assess your ability to do the following:
– Describe what is meant by Palliative Care.
– Understand how we cope with Palliative Care and help others to:
– Describe the different types of complementary therapies.
– Understand how to empathise with, and support patients.
– Describe some End of Life Care strategies.
– Think about your attitudes and fears about death and dying.
– Recognise different experiences around death and dying.
– Understand the need for Advanced Care Planning.
– Describe the importance of Symptom Management.
– Describe ‘Advance Directives’.
– Understand roles and responsibilities in End of Life Care.
– Describe ‘Last Offices’.
– Understand the grief and loss process.