moving & handling without a hoist

Course duration:

Two – three hours


£55 per person

An essential annual update for anyone who is required to use safe handling equipment and techniques as part of their role.

This course is designed for domestic and non-clinical staff who don’t lift using a hoist.

There is a continual flow of updates and new equipment we come across all the time and these updates are crucial for you and your client’s safety.

Course benefits:

At the end of the training course, you will have the renewed competence to provide correct people handling techniques so that risks are reduced to yourself and patients/residents.

Course Objectives

  • Move and handle people in a way that requires the least amount of effort
  • Move and handle people in a way that provides greater comfort and dignity to the patient or resident or resident
  • Understand manual handling legislation as it applies to healthcare
  • Gain a better understanding of spinal mechanics
  • Look after your own back and that of patients/residents/ clients
  • Conduct a personal risk assessment for patients / residents / clients
  • Safely move people without the use of specialist equipment

Course content:

  • Manual Handling Responsibilities and the Law
  • Anatomy of the Spine and Types of Injuries
  • Ergonomics
  • Safe Lifting Techniques – L.I.T.E/ TILE
  • Lifting Objects
  • Practical Session and Assessment of Moving a Load
  • Practical Session and Assessment in People Moving

College address

50 Don Street, St. Helier